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CoordTransform is an Android tool useful for coordinates conversion between Geodetic system (latitude & longitude as provided by GPS ) and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) geographic coordinate system.

Currently only supports 58 reference ellipsoids datums, but is not capable of transforming coordinates from one ellipsoid to another. Default ellipsoid is WGS84 used by GPS system.

Supports 3 different latitude / longitude input formats: decimal degrees (DD.DDD), degrees /decimal minutes (DD MM.MMM) and degrees/minutes and decimal seconds (DD MM SS.SSS). The UTM input format are those: Northing, Easting, Zone and Hemisphere.

This app allows you to work in UTM or latitude / longitude coordinates so you can use it with topographic maps. It\'s an useful tool for map reading and navigation (land or sea navigation). So is useful for outdoors sports like hiking, orienteering, bushwalking, mountain biking, kayaking, surveying or anything where you need to read coordinates from a map and convert coordinates between formats. Also useful in Search and Rescue (SAR) or GIS where conversion between different formats is needed.

Also you can enter coordinates dynamically using a map. Drag and drop the marker around the map and coordinates (both geographic and UTM) will be updated.

Coordinates can be copied to clipboard with long press or shared via SMS or e-mail.

** If you want make a suggestion or find a bug, e-mail me and I will fix it. If you report bugs in a Market comment I CAN\'T respond to comments in Google Play. **"

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